FT8WW back on DXpropagation forecast

FT8WW back on DXpropagation forecast

Hello Ham’s,

after receiving a couple of mails regarding bringing FT8WW back on our tool we decided to skip CY0S DXpedition to a later stage. It will be posted again after finishing the FT8WW DXpediton. We are only able to calculate for 4 DXpeditions due to the highly complex calculation volume. Each circle runs 8000-9000s with the current values from different sources. This gives you every 2,5 hours a precise information about the current DX situation on each band.

We are pleased to keep you updated being a part of making it possible to work your DX.

Letters like those are encouring us to keep the tool still busy.

written from Tom VE2II 02.10.2023

Hi Wolfgang,
GREAT site and very useful for me as I chase the DX.  As Theirry FT8WW is back on the air, for 3 weeks, could I ask you to please add him back into the preset buttons?  That would be awesome.
73 Wolf and, again, thanks for the effort.  It is very much appreciated!!