CY9C – Saint Paul Island Alaska

CY9C – Saint Paul Island Alaska

Hello DXer, we would like to announce following new and exciting DXPedition to St. Paul Island in Alaska. We will list the callsign on our very precise DXPropagation tool which is quite often in use from many DXPeditions.

The St Paul Island CY9C DXpedition is scheduled for August 26 – September 5, 2024.  The team will use two helicopters and a boat to transport the operators and all of the gear to the Northeast Island of St Paul.  There are ten experienced DXpeditioners and contesters on the 2024 team.

All bands from 160-6 meters are planned.  Planned Modes are CW and a good mix of SSB, FT8 and RTTY.  The team will also be on SAT and EME.

More details under following LINK.

The DR2W crew wish you GD DX and many slots.

73 -.-