CQWW Contest in 2010

CQWW Contest in 2010

Yes we can…

Our new location at the University of Applied Sciences in Karlsruhe. The first setup to see what’s going on in the middle of the city. Well it was really different to the former years. Now it was a warm and comfortable Location with a mains power supply not like in past with a generator. Even the antenna system is quite fix so we don’t need to rebuild the antennas every time again.  We had the very old and rosty antennas but at first it makes sense to check and after the contest to analyze what will be possible and what must be changed to turn this station into a very power full one. Even the station is also set to be used for the upcoming trainee events. It was not easy but we found a good compromise between these two options.  During the contest we had a couple of guests from surrounding OV’s. Thanks to those who supported us with equipment and food as well. Even a big thank you to Ulmar DK1CE and Wolfgang DH3WO who are working at the University and made this reactivation possible too.


DH3WO Wolfgang, DJ2HD Mathias, DH2ES Stefan, DJ2BQ Ewald and DL4MB Ricardo

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