Website Update 2017

Website Update 2017

Hello Hams and visitors,

we’re sure, you’ve already seen it, but now it’s official: we released a new version of our website!

Website Improvements:

  • New Design
  • Software Upgrade
  • PHP Upgrade
  • Technical Site improvements
  • Improved usability
  • SSL on ALL pages

Possible problems:

  • If you get an error message by your browser, which tells you, that the used SSL certificate isn’t secure, we recommend updating your web browser.
  • If the website looks strange in some way, we recommend clearing your browser cache and reloading the website again.

73 de DR2W Team

2 Replies to “Website Update 2017”

  1. Good Day! I am really-really new to these propagation charts; please explain in very-simple terms the relationships of the colours to the dB scale….is 50 dB good for DXing in the area shown or really bad?

    1. Hello Stephen, it is easy to realize. As you can see on the right side is a colored Chart which starts in light blue and moves into red. Beside the Colors you can see some figures. These figures are teeling you the dB of signalk strength. As higher ánd even more red it is the possibility of a good Signal is dramatically rising up. It gives you an exact Signal strength.
      Enjoy gd DX de DR2W Crew.