DR2W RF World Map released

DR2W RF World Map released

Dear visitor, dear ham,

it’s time for a new feature!

We are proud to present you our brand new DR2W RF World Map

Let’s talk about the facts!

Current Features:

  • Display Shows the current WSPR spots, which can be heard from your current locator on a heatmap.

  • Automatic position detection  your browser will ask you to activate the current location from your side. It is necessary to calculate your current locator. If you don’t want to admit this autom. calculation feature you can enter your locator on the main menu by typing the first 2 letters and 2 figures in the Grid field.

  • Fullscreen View

  • Simple usage, only your locator is needed. Select “Now” for the last 15 minutes spots with a 3 minute auto refresh by setting the time stamp on “Now”.


More features will be released, soon. Please keep in mind, that errors and outages can occur at this level.

Many thanks for your interest,

73 de DR2W Crew