2018 ILLW DA2018LH

2018 ILLW DA2018LH

Hello Hams,

we are proud to announce you our new hamradio activity. We are participating on the international Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend 2018.

The event is accomplished by members of the radio club Karlsruhe (A07). Each QSO will be confirmed with the Special DOK ILLW18 (for DOK hunters). The lighthouse and the island referenz number will be confirmed with a special designed QSL card. Fluegge lighthouse which is located on Fehmarn Island EU-128 has following  reference numbers. The ILLW is DE0008 / FED-085 / GLHA-19.

The lighthouse is a very impressive construction and has a total height of 38m. It was built in 1914-1915 and went in traffic 1916.

We will be QRV from 20m down to 80m with different types of antennas. The modes are SSB and CW. The whole team is not complete and still in the definition phase. The up to now known operators are DJ2HD, DH3WODJ2BQ; DL3DXX and DK1CE.

Best 73 gd DX and we hope to hear you on the bands during the event… de DR2W team.

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